August 17th, 2005

grandma ryan

Rubik's Cube Party — Saturday Night — Asia

A couple years ago some friends in Seattle had a Rubik's cube party on New Years, but I ended up going somewhere else. (Somewhere I still have video I filmed while drunken and without a large portion of my blood, and that evening I not only cried in a shower but ate bacon cheeze-wiz on donut holes. There are pictures of my injury somewhere back a ways.) But, I always wished I could have been in two places at once, because it was a phenomenal idea. When last night I was approached to throw a birthday party for my housemate Gillian, the thought popped into my head immediately.
And so, it has come around:

On saturday night The Asia House will be hosting a rollicking good clothes-swapping party which goes like this:

Everyone come wearing clothes of all one color. By the end of the evening your goal is to have completely changed your clothes to a different color. Be prepared to walk away with different clothes than you came with. We will provide refreshments and music, your job is come and provide yourself having a blast.

So, come help us celebrate Gillian's birthday. She's relatively new to Portland and needs You to come out and show off your bad ass bod.

Saturday Night
The Asia
4217 SE 37th Ave

(between Holgate and Gladstone)
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