August 4th, 2005

grandma ryan

dry half year

I just went 6 months without a single alcoholic beverage (not counting the miniscule amount in an o'doul's or o'doul's amber, which are not so bad when you're on the wagon and crave yer wheat soda).

i bought myself a fifth of evan williams for the AMF, but i'm still not sure if i'm going to drink it.

if i do, i'm going to get drunk really easily, so it should last me the whole festival.

but, i may still be feeling the alcohol side of sobriety and go dry. i have other things to occupy my time if i really need to find myself somewhere else, and there'll be lots of responsibility to be taken care of so drunkenness really ain't the most urgent state to be in.
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    ponies when we get there - AT20050405 - Instinct Control
grandma ryan


I updated my website.. There's a brand new design as well as some new audio.

There's also a removal of some material in order to trim down the complexity of the site.
It may come back, but likely this will mean I can update my material more easily, and you'll see a more rapid influx of new work.

and mutantfest looms ahead. i leave tomorrow morning.