July 21st, 2005

grandma ryan

Last show for a while. friday, 7/22 8-12

If you haven't managed to catch me live over the last month, here's one more chance before we head off to the Mutant Fest.

The show will be at the Know microtheatre, 2026 N.E. Alberta St. on Friday, 7/22 from 8pm to Midnight.

those playing include:

fraqtured : sound
i/o -vs- instinct control
ten pound tumor

i'll be playing with Ogo, and I'll also be performing live video. This means I'll be making abstract video live, with no samples or editing effects beyond what I'll be filming live. It will look reminiscent of this or this.

Hold onto your butts.


I was just woken up by a chainsaw, perhaps 10 meters from where I lay my head.

I went to ask if they had/needed a permit and first the worker on the ground said no, they could just start at 8 in the morning, and then the guy in the tree proceeded to yell at me to 'Get off [his] jobsite!' because I didn't have a hardhat on and I walked under the other side of the tree he's working on. This response obviously got me riled as I had just come over to ask a polite question, as they were working on a big tree within a distance which affects me as I sleep. So, I've called the development commission and reported a lack of permit. Portlandmaps.com doesn't list one, and they failed to produce one upon questioning, so I think it's safe to assume this is the case.

Hell no I don't want another apartment complex being built behind my house.
Not only does that mean noise, but also ugly and security changes to the max.
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