May 9th, 2005


This morning

I woke up and checked my email, decidedly earlier than I expected to. I remembered upon waking at 8ish that I had slept for 4.5 hours the previous evening, and then stayed up, did my laundry and with a leisurely cadence prepared for work. I also got an email notifying me of a sale at an online media store I use, which featured a digital voice recorder. Uh oh. So I went and looked at it, as it was a cheap low end thing, but the same issue nagged in the back of my head and I decided to look at uncompressed digital recorders, which are a whole lot more expensive. I found one on sale at and, well, I spent.

Now, it was $200 off, so I think it was a good decision—two xlr inputs, rca input and output, runs on compact flash, not DAT (kind of damn cool at that), and has the usual other features in an audio recorder. I like the fact that it uses reusable media that I already use (with my camera) and I'm excited to start having professional portable sound recording available to me again. Here come project improvements.

This is going to be an even more beautiful thing once I start being a cabbie.
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