April 17th, 2005

the astute growl

Doyle Owl

I ended up on campus because I'd been hanging out with Kate, David and Kristin (whose birthday it was) and so i just had to get into the Doyle Owl fight. Of course, however, I had no plans, no schemes, and no plots, so I resorted to the only remaining and finest option—Owl Permanence.

I must have spent at least 15-20 minutes on top of the owl, preventing it from moving. I know Reed is full of wussy boys, but seriously, should I really be able to do this so effectively? I'm not really that big or that strong.

Regardless, my phone got wrecked, and for the second time I find myself with a screenless phone. I still have your number in there if it was in there before, but I can't readily retrieve it even though I can call you still. So if you think I need your number again you should let me have it. My guess is that there isn't anyone with this conception of the situation. Hrmph.

I guess I'll just have to carefully brush the mud off once it dries.