March 18th, 2005

grandma ryan


I am one, I think. I've been dropped hints about it before.

I wonder what kind I am though, wandering about, seeing what there is to see—as well as I can.

It's almost as though I inhabit a limited amount of space, gathering particles from just in front of my nose. Sometimes they come back out and sometimes I've picked something up.

Sometimes I can't find anything but a single sock or a rarity.
Sometimes devouring is an overwhelming urge.

And yet, I stay calm, contain my growth, maintain a similar state from one moment to the next, pick up endangered still lifes and gather them in for warmth.

Stay together here.
Stay together here.
Together would be a nice thing to know right now.
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grandma ryan

Deep Breath Now

FIVE, Count Them, FIVE YEARS of this on Sunday.

Holy fucking shit.

I'll think about this for the next few days and then I'll write about this on sunday if I remember. There's a lot to tell and I think the story is well worth telling.

If you care you should remind me.
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    Five Years - Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie