February 2nd, 2005

grandma ryan


this weekend i bought some new equipment. i spent way too much money, but not really.

on the list are:
a Fender Blues Jr all tube amp.
a yamaha rack mount analog delay w/modulation (to replace my digital Line6 delay/etc box)
a compressor (was necessary to even consider the amp, which was what started all this)
a CD recorder. i would prefer a reel to reel, but then there's the conversion to digital anyhow, at least at this point, so there's not much point in fussing. CDs will make me all up and running, faster than you can say, well, anything.

now i will be able to record in style, finally, and have the ability to be much more prolific.

kicking it off, here's a new piece: a rousing yes 12:15 (17.9Mb)