July 13th, 2004

grandma ryan

slight misconduct

Last night Becca was telling me about a case she was working on, and how they found a part time volunteer job for this developmentally disabled girl working with the elderly at a care center. The job description was such that I deemed it epsilon work, but noted it was good since everyone needs something to do I guess, and upon reacquainting her with the source of the reference, I went on to jest by calling her 'my little Beta' (Since a facet of her job is a fair amount of paperwork and such). She asked if that was bad, and I said...no not really, but then explained what it implied. Of course this didn't go over well...but I always appreciate being able to make these sorts of jokes. I just wish it wouldn't cause the unneeded distress it does. I wish people wouldn't be so sensitive. It was soon repaired, anyhow.

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grandma ryan

Help me protect our votes - with paper ballots

Dear friend,

I hope you will join me in signing this petition from MoveOn. It's
about the new electronic voting terminals that are being installed
in many states.


Too many are "black box" voting machines -- computer terminals that
don't produce paper ballots. Without paper ballots, there's no way
to know if our votes are counted correctly. Also, computers are
vulnerable to malfunction -- how often does yours freeze up?

Every voting method should produce a paper ballot, so we can verify
that our votes will count. Join me in calling for paper ballots, at:


Thank you,

Seriously. It will take only a few moments of your time and you know it.

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stupid meme

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all these people i've spent somewhat minimal time with (maybe that's why they come up as the results(because obviously these memes actually have reason to their rhyme)). weird.

not that i shouldn't be spending time with any of you, it's just the way, yo.