July 12th, 2004


i thought it might have been over

but, no. i guess a new idiot is born every minute.

AIM IM with afireinsideofme6
9:40 PM
afireinsideofme6: hey, i was surffing the webb opn ryan dunn, adn well why did you say you were him? "Ryan T. Dunn's LiveAsLiveCanBeJournal"
afireinsideofme6: on live journal....
afireinsideofme6: or are you thoes kind of people that are into "roll play" because i have LJ too and i find that alot
9:45 PM
afireinsideofme6: beacuse 1.his location isnt portland, Oregon us
2. his birthdate isntBirthdate: 1980-10-25 its 6.11.1977
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