June 26th, 2004

grandma ryan

I am fairly pleased

Michael Moore did the honorable job of going far further than I expected.

I have been trying to tell folks much of this, without luck, since 9/11, and M.M. brings the point home: Fascism (the privatization of government power for financial gain), and the commodity of Human Life.

I recall, but was unable to find evidence in my journal of an incidence during my photography class shortly after 9/11, in which I proposed the idea that it could have been plotted, or at least allowed by Bush and his cronies for financial, political and or other gains.

I was accosted for having no respect for those who died in the attack on the towers...

Whatever. If anything I wanted to ensure their deaths, if allowed for dishonest gain, would not be repeated by exercising my skepticism in order to make duly certain of the threat poised at our throats. And now, with the release of this piece of important (even if not cinematically amazing) film, I have a mild hope that the continuing disservice to the people of our country will not go unnoticed.

It really is time to make sure of our rights and our voice, people.
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