April 27th, 2004

grandma ryan

finally with the tower

my computer with music on it is finally in my new place...

and now i'm probably going to be able to distract myself from the dreadful act of unpacking. at least for a bit...

i still have a few things at the other place, but it's only tuesday. i have until friday, but really until friday afternoon since, well, that's when renn fayre starts and i still have to make a costume. it'll be weird but necessary to be there. i need to finish off my senior renn fayre.

i think that means i'm going to begin any intoxication (if i decide upon any at all) after thesis parade. not that this is a promise or anything. heh.

at 2:30 i pick up the friend of my Tokyo label, tomorrow at 2:30 i pick up one of my label guys, Shin, and his girlfriend. They will be playing their music at Renn Fayre, all the way from Tokyo, as Electrical Lovers. I believe it's 10:00pm friday in blacklodge, but don't hold me to that.
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    Mount St; Mary's Concert Excerpt - The Lost Episodes - Frank Zappa