April 22nd, 2004

grandma ryan

Earth Day 2099

st4rg4z3r: happy earth day Ryan!
Ryan Dunn: um. thanks!
Ryan Dunn: you too.
Ryan Dunn: do you think one day when people are living off the planet, that they will celebrate earth day?
st4rg4z3r: Probably not.
Ryan Dunn: that's too bad.
Ryan Dunn: i'll push for it when the time comes.
st4rg4z3r: grooviness!
Ryan Dunn: it'll be like a birthday celebration
Ryan Dunn: we can eat cake and open presents wrapped in trees
st4rg4z3r: heh
Ryan Dunn: oooh. with lots of extra packaging!
11:55 AM
Ryan Dunn: maybe all the presents will be guns.
Ryan Dunn: hooray for the earth!