April 3rd, 2004


What I love

Evenings that look dismal turning themselves around into fountains of praise.

This is something I do, and don't deserve.

I sold one of my photos tonight, upon request, to Lotus, a friend I had in class with me a year back. She bought a print of the photo I took from the Columbia campus (Blue with the buildings in the foreground, the clip in this icon is taken from it.) for a meager dollar, but the gesture is what matters. She even had me sign it with the assertion that I would one day be famous.

I can only have many hearts for this. She's dating my friend Eben at the moment, or her love of Turrell would have me dumbfounded.

Cheers to wonderful evenings procured out of shit.

Cheers, and now to find the pool hall, which should be inhabited by people I began the evening with.
grandma ryan

Gotten up to

And the pool hall was abandoned, so I called upon Chris who was by the look of the apartment. still on campus. Now, I have a bottle of Chimay opened with no one to drink with. I guess I'll have to drink it alone.

Good night online fellows, I'll see you soon.