March 7th, 2004

grandma ryan

feeling strange

Too many attacks on verity lately (in the fictitious world, mostly).

There's a reason using fiction is amusing and interesting to me-

because I'm not fictitious, and I can exist both in a state of complete gullibility or complete skepticism...I never know which I should employ, and then I also never know when to make decisions. I don't even trust myself.

Oh paranoia. At least I share the trait with Hitchcock.
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mail from tokyo?

Who wants some? Put your name and address in the poll box, aight?

I know I never did the Arvid postcards I promised, but NY got out of hand.

Who knows what the computer situation will be in Tokyo, so try to post this before the 12th if you can, otherwise I can't promise anything. If you don't see this until after that you should try anyhow though, you might be lucky. I still have addresses from the Arvidcards attempt as well. Those of you who gave them to me then should probably expect something. (As long as the address I have is still likely to be current- those I have that look wrong are Evan and Abel) If you aren't sure if I have yours, go ahead and post it, please.

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