March 1st, 2004

grandma ryan


The Girl Who Feels No Pain

Gabby Gingras has a disease so rare she's the only person her parents and doctors can find in the U.S. suffering from it. Like any other three-year-old, Gabby takes her share of slips and falls. Her reaction to each is predictable — at least for her family.

    For no matter how hard Gabby hits the ground, she will not shed a single tear. Hard as it is to fathom Gabby Gingras feels no pain. There is no cure, nor will she outgrow it.

    "She fell down the stairs the other day in the garage," her dad says. "She just picked herself up and started climbing up the stairs again like nothing had happened."

    "She never cried," her mother adds.

    Gabby was born with a genetic defect called "Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type-5. It is so rare her doctors don't know of another person with it in this country. Research done for her parents turned up a dozen known cases in the world.
grandma ryan

what a weekend

all sorts of madness were in abundance.

fri- purchased a digital recorder, tea with lex, alii's going away party-drink drink drink, breaking phone, being an ass, wrestling with andrew, falling off hot tub. waking in the morning, boxers only, in david's living room.

sat- lee's, dante's, allijadily for an hour, back to dante's, back to lee's, back to SE, craziness with Elina, sleep- 12:30pm sunday.

alternate sleep with debauchery and you have then a very exhausted ryan.

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