November 27th, 2003

grandma ryan

in transit for turkey

i'm probably only going to be in seattle until saturday morning.

friday is my free day. if i don't hear from anyone and can't get ahold of anyone, i may just leave and go back to portland, so be aware.
grandma ryan

A video (and a side note)

A video by myself and Christopher Drelich will be playing in the Natural Capital Center in the Pearl District for the next two weeks, including during first thursday. The Natural Capital Center is located between NW 9th & 10th and Irving & Johnson. I'm not sure, but I believe it will be playing in the lobby, visible from the streetcar stop. I hope you can get a chance to see it, that is, if you're here in Portland. If you're not, I'll be bringing a copy with me to Seattle. Then, that only works if you're in Seattle...

Pat, are you having Thanksgiving at your parents' house? I'll be around the corner.
grandma ryan

The song that will not leave me alone- I thank it for its company.

Thank you to mobley for introducing me to this band this summer. I picked up this album maybe a week and a half ago, and haven't really stopped listening to it. I need to get the newest album still though (2001, something something Compass Kids), but even Portland's hipster record stores didn't have it in stock.

Ye Olde Battleaxe
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