November 17th, 2003

grandma ryan

Phone Post:

235K 1:07
“Who has a (? bwup ?), is all I can say. Uh, so I'm trying out the phone post thing. And I'm probably gonna listen to Brendan's phone post--you can hear it in the background. (? It's something special ?), as he drinks beer and smokes cigarettes. (? I don't know do you fear him. Apparently the deer for you, Brendan. ?). So, um... I'm trying this out. I'm sure that it's going to post to the website and I'm going to sound as, um, strange as everyone else does at first, because, well that's the way these things work. Anyway, I'm sure this will be useful for me to post some crazy noise, people, things like that. Audio has a way of doing things that, uh, text can't in times that you can't reach a computer. So, I'm looking forward to using it. And, uh, farewell to you all, especially those of you who probably can't even hear this because ogg is not very, uh, useful yet. But, hopefully it will be soon. Farewell.”

Transcribed by: conculcate