September 18th, 2003

grandma ryan

how awesome

Last year I got to see Les Claypool's Frog Brigade on my birthday here in Portland.

This year, Primus is playing on my birthday in Eugene (there is no Portland show)! I think it may be three years since I last saw them...maybe four.

How god damned rockin' can it get?

A wonderful Les Claypool birthday event, two years in a row. I'll have to do some celebrating with friends the day before or after, luckily my birthday is on a saturday this year (apparently).

Also, I watched the tooth fairy episode of South Park today, which contained some very nice use of Primus song clips during Kyle's existential crisis/enlightenment.

Today is just a very nice day of the First. (Primus is first in Latin, and also basically my first favorite band...and definitely still one of the top few.)
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    Too Many Puppies - Frizzle Fry - Primus