August 28th, 2003


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Not a whole lot to say, tonight was fun.

I went out with my dad and we had some drinks and talked about art and what I'm working on. Hopefully he understands enough to know that I have to keep doing what I'm doing.

Afterwards karaoke was excellent as well. Changes and Birdhouse in Your Soul were sung by yours truly, minus Arvid. No rock for the crotch this time. ; )

Then, there was sadness at my Portland residence and sleepward headed poopy-pants. I'm not that far fram Seattle. Also, I don't always read LJ. Talk to me if you so desire. I'd appreciate it.
grandma ryan

I'm bored.

I mean, I could just try to do work, but I'd rather see whoever has free time and would like to see me while I'm here for such a short time.

I'm shy about calling people on the phone too. Err.
Bleh, do you care?

But, I bet not.