July 24th, 2003


perusing the reedlj

I found an interesting thing...

SU Dave!

Word, I haven't seen him in forever since he got kicked off campus (well, maybe a couple times). I may have to join him in his gleeful representation by this Onion Article.


Ithaca was great. Brendan was a host above and beyond the call of duty. It was good to see him again. Brendan always has interesting music to share. When we went out, I smoked so many rolled cigarettes my left hand started to become cowardly. Bad ryan.

Later today Meg comes into the city. Late tonight, I'll be exhausted yet hopefully ready for more. I didn't sleep much this past night, but then, I slept on the bus as well, so I am fairly napped and currently quite awake. Seeing Meg should be good since I only saw her once in my busy state earlier this summer. Having everyone start to return makes me think about how it will be when school starts again and I'm not there, and maybe not jobbed either. I might have to audit a class and wait to see if I can get the digital/photo lab tech/slide library assistant job starting in the spring. We'll see. Maybe I'll find something temporary in the meantime, that is, if I can. Let me further expound- Portland's job market sucks, but I'm in a state of not caring. I just need to put myself on a schedule. I just need to figure out why I'm not as able to self motivate as well anymore...although, I did write the third poem in my new book project last night. All the titles came first, after all the book title is "Sing Song for Mynah".

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