July 21st, 2003

grandma ryan

I am also waiting

I'm just waiting
for Chris to wake up.

Another day slipping away, another night coming up- another long night.

I may get to the point where I'm just going to go out. Unless...did I hear his waking groans? hmm.

I thought I might
steal your chair,
if that's alright.

I'll give it back
soon, don't fret;
the kids need
a lap to sit on
and some of them
even need

I just have to make
an attempt at- her
on my lap,
with requests.

But as I said,
no worries-
I don't want your job,
and I sure don't want
on my lap.
grandma ryan


"ON High Street, in the middle of the Yale University campus, stands a cold-looking, nearly windowless Greco-Egyptian building with padlocked iron doors. This is the home of Yale's most famous secret society, Skull and Bones, and it is also, in a sense, one of the many homes of the family of George W. Bush, Yale '68.
New members of Skull and Bones are assigned secret names, by which fellow Bonesmen will forever know them. Some Bonesmen receive traditional names, denoting function or existential status; others are the chosen beneficiaries of names that their Bones predecessors wish to pass on. The leftover initiates choose their own names.
George W. was not assigned a name but invited to choose one. According to one report, nothing came to mind, so he was given the name Temporary, which, it is said, he never bothered to replace; Temporary is how Bush's fellow Bonesmen know him today."

'George W., Knight of Eulogia' by Alexandra Robbins-The Atlantic, May 2000

Therefore, a proposal to adopt this nickname in the future. From now on, George W. Bush==Temporary.