April 8th, 2003


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It's official.

My thesis advisor is a space cadet.

Looking over an old edit he did of my thesis (no one else went through and edited my thesis, believe me) he seemed baffled as to whose handwriting it was on there, and thought he gave me a list of places it was in wont of footnotes, but, uh, nope, I didn't remember that, and then I proved it. "Mighta been Carlos then," he finally said. Which I had been considering as a possible explanation for all this. I'm still most amused by the, "I can't seem to recognize my own handwriting..."

I am, undeniably, feeling better. I must have made a good decision, even if the decision and manifestation of that action was an end in itself. Truly. (a wonder of nature that awesome predator.)
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Now you can buy my new chapbook, Heads from me online! (Point point poke poke)
[A chapbook is a short self-published book of poetry]
Buy it before this summer's poetry tour and avoid the Ryan is famous rush.(ehh)

Soon, other things like: a DVD of some of my short video art pieces, including the near legendary(ehh) Simple (AKA drack, or colloquially, 'the duck video'), CDs of my music, and prints of some of my photography and artwork.

I know you were all just dying to know because you love my work so much.(ehh)

And you want me to eat off of something other than a Portland sidewalk.