April 3rd, 2003


White Rose Society

I started a community for the collection of pertinent documents to our current societal struggle. The following was the first post. I would like to invite anyone interested in the political arena now to join in order to collect articles, links, discussions, etc. into one place. Also, if you join, tell your friends...this will work best if it is a collective effort.

This community journal is intended to act as a forum for discussions about taking back our freedom. It is named after an anti-fascism movement which happened during Nazi Germany. (More information in the community's profile)

Please use this as a sounding board for news, essays, questions, comments and anything else you feel is important to the maintenance of a free world.

Knowledge is the key to freedom.

It's time to grow up and stop whining and making a scene when mommy won't buy us candy in the checkout aisle. Let's get a job and buy it for ourselves.
grandma ryan

I am

stressed out, lonely, depressed, and busy.

Which means I can't do any work.

This is the combination I usually thrive on, but I just can't do it anymore for some reason.

Everything is tenuous.
I wish I could reverse it all, I wish I could.

Could I take it all back?
No, I doubt it, but hope is never something I could forget about.
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