March 22nd, 2003


a night of whores

now i'm buying eben's company at the hotcake house. damn i'm a sucker.

it's alright, i appreciate my friends, and eben, well, he's just willing to say what's up...i'll help a man with a lost wallet.


Reanne joined us, and my friends helped me stop worrying about things...

well, no, not really.

Also, no lj bbq...I'm Way too busy to plan and coordinate something like that. If someone else wants to(even if not right now), go for it. Let me know, I'll help subsidize and I'll eat food. Word.
grandma ryan

right before leaving the ski cabin, inscribed in the tome

In gaping holes
five thousand mouths wide
open to regard for silence
fathom us
further down
livening the drop
for strength and language
massive in their lack.

We know only how far
we haven't yet travelled,
staving off passions less
devisive than mournful
and running the gamut
of matches and blades.

So you, you have left,
and nigh on the horizon
I see silhouettes of my
self in you, dry in light,
drenched in the onslaught
of night.
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    Put A Straw Under Baby-Brian Eno-Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)