March 17th, 2003

grandma ryan

It wasn't the plan

but what's so hot about plans?

So we couldn't go to my grandparents' mobile home...for various obnoxious reasons. Instead Eben and Aaron came up to Issaquah to pick me up. We first attempted to contact Ashley, as it had been proposed that we get together again before I left, but with miscommunication and the existence of another Ashley at Trader Joe's our plot was foiled. So, we headed south.

The first piece of notable real estate we destroyed was Edwards Airforce Base...
oh, no, wrong story...

First we picked up some hardware supplies at 76 in some little town that started with a D. Upon our great purchase and use of facilities we departed, satisfied and happy. We were good Americans, and so we turned off the music we nwere listening to and sang patriotic songs, hymns, christmas songs and 50s pop music...we were in good form. Our drive continued until Kelso-Longview where we drove around for a while, relieved ourselves from a bridge, considered crashing a loud party, explored the vast unknown parts known as Safeway and attempted to get gas from seemingly closed gas stations...on our second visit to the city that night. It was all mediated by Muppets and the 80s, and it was unfortunate, but we found no unliberated nuts to liberate.

Once we finally made our way to Hwy 30 (for the second time) we were on our way, bound for the beach. In Astoria I took the two over the bridge from Oregon to Washington, which we calculated at about 4.5 miles across It may have been foolhardy but the Ocean was a kindly mistress and did not destroy us for our arrogance as we walked in her fiercely swirling tide. But, we were proven, and Stingray, Black(something), and I, Redlight, were. victorious. We were also wet and freaking cold. Um, can someone check to see if I have glass in my feet? I can't feel them for an inch at least on all surfaces.

We dried off, frozen, and drove back in the fog, wrapped in Safeway fleeces and wonderfully available fresh clothes from my house, smoking bad cigars and ready to return to Portland, eat at the hotcake house and head off to bed. And it was so.

And it was grand.