March 12th, 2003

grandma ryan

this is

7 in the morning, up all night, lost track of hours, still need to write on my thesis, still need to write a script for my video, still need to finish prints for printmaking, still need to read so thesis can be written upon, still need to still need, not on the ball, not off the ball, barely in school this semester it seems, almost done, summer mayhem, finding information i'm not supposed to have, making information i didn't need to make, being confused, heart breaking, heart mending, wish hunting, day avoiding, muddled, and staving off, lighter and lighter, here it comes, and, time to wake up.


Anna reminded me. I've never remembered to pay attention to this, but I think (and then I confirm) my LJ anniversary is coming up as well. 3 freaking years. Holy crap...(Yes, this makes me LJ Ancient...user 1674 i believe.) Maybe I should celebrate...maybe if I'm back here by next thursday I'll get beer and food and invite all the reedlj people to bbq on the front lawn or something. depends if i'm bored or not i'm sure. however, i kind of think i should since i flaked on it at the beginning of the year. wait in a tense confliction until i give the word all ye minions.