March 7th, 2003

grandma ryan

these days

come wavering between
wet and dry,
small and large,
you are on market roads
looking for ins
and outs.
You are forgotten,
and we sip fluid redemption,
dragging our selves through
the mud keeping us clean,
our sins masking our faces
remembrance sealing our eyes.


labreezy and i spoke words over pizza at the bagdad last night, i with terminator in hand. then stories, and a search for attention to sound and debauchery.

afterwards, parting ways, i joined R and M for conversation then a walk in the canyon, a discovery about the worshipable qualities of water and self love and a capping off with a screening of The Abyss.

7:00 and we were getting droopy, we had forgotten in our worship to maintain practical attention. Silly us.
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