January 26th, 2003

grandma ryan

I just got a phone call from Guam.

Her friend gave her the number because she thought I was the other Ryan Dunn...(from Ja***ss)

funny. chalk it up on the list. next thing you know fans will be knocking on my door.

especially amusing because i've a taste of fame without actually being so. ah, my dumb luck. maybe some day i'll get fans wanting to talk to the actual me. well, i have a couple of those...but maybe someday it will be more than just a couple.
grandma ryan

I dream of teeth

Some weird guy filed down one of my canine teeth to add a lamp to it. Then, when my dentist looked at it (from outside the car I was sitting in) he said, ah well, we need to take those others out so let's just take it out, and he showed me the teeth that were made out of a candle glass, a little plastic castle and other stuff. So he told me to pull them out to be readied for new teeth. I pulled them all out, and all the gauze I found under the caps in them. The gauze was made of various types of material, paper towels, gauze itself and real towels. Whole towels coming out of my mouth. Big bloody gauze-replacing towels. This left huge holes in my mouth.

a second

obscure and claimant message.

the first, a note on my door.

the second, a call to a wrong phone.

what the hell?
who is this?
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