January 15th, 2003



no mountain. should this have been expected?

was awake for ridiculous hours despite having woken up at 2...now i have been tired again, and sleeping again, and having good but upsetting dreams. what's wrong with me? as i told my friend alison: "i woke up at 9 pm on sunday after having slept for 16 hrs, then, finding waking at 9 unacceptable i slept until 2am instead. then i stayed up until 8:30 am or so the next day, slept til 7pm tonight, woke, then i fell asleep at 10pm and slept for the past 2 and a half hrs"

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That was great. I just watched iTunes have a memory lapse...I deleted some files from my hard drive, and then, when I went to delete them from my iTunes playlist it was like, "hey look those songs aren't there? oh but you're deleting them anyhow...so oh."
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i just realized i'm coming to seattle.
i have to pick up my friend ingrid and give her and whomever else a ride back to portland tomorrow, and i think i might as well come up for the seattle slam, so i will be coming up today...heck, maybe even right now? i got nothin' to do. it's all work as i'm concerned...never a days rest and all that.

i know you all think i'm joking(about the working).

also, i went outside and took some pictures this morning, and thought about hmm, i wonder how one goes about getting into photography for national geographic? that would probably be the most kick ass job i could think of, ever. ever. ever?

that makes that word look strange. maybe i've been seeing it spelled with an a for too long...evar? heh.
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And with me to Seattle


I've finally got a book of poems together...
It's called Heads.
Some of you will remember roadtrip and how well that book turned out, and while none of those poems are in this book, I'm sure I'll get around to printing that up someday. Right now this seemed more important. I've needed to have a book of poems gathered up for quite some time now. I've been living page by page and off the actual page for too long now. Well, I'll have books, at least some, and hopefully, I may see some of you at the Slam tonight? I promise you'd have fun. You can drink and hear some really cool poetry, and jeremyrichards is featuring, so you'd be guaranteed at least some of the poetry is really worth seeing other than mine. Plus, if I can get my throat out of my pants I might even try to remember something and slam without losing myself on stage.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to hang out whilst I'm in town or you can't come to the slam tonight...but I'm only going to be in town Very briefly, until I leave tomorrow evening. I will be sure to make plenty of gratuity copies of my book...