January 9th, 2003

grandma ryan


waking up at midnight shouldn't be allowed. i guess i'm gonna have to try to pull my schedule all the way around then. staying up until tonight shouldn't be too hard.

at the bins

yesterday, i found some good stuff:
•a new couch for rawr and my studio! (nice too)
•a hairdryer chair, notice the ashtray built into the arm(came with cigarette butts included) (for my room i think)
•another copy of the housewife's handbook
•some random records and whatnot.

the old couch was broken and needed to go, and this one looks like it was treated pretty well before it was donated. i'll probably end up keeping it for wherever i live next...and maybe i'll take the lizard that lives on it.


i had already written a post. but my LJ client unexpectedly quit and lost it. probably do to issues around the lj db trouble.

i hung out with phemehrys downtown, then came back to Reed where i started a job shelving in the library 3-4 hrs a day for the next week or maybe two. hoo-ray. it's money, even though not a lot and i won't get it until the end of the month.


half hour later(still waiting for lj to allow me to post):

i think i am going to take another shot at trying to stop biting my nails. i have all kinds of gothness now, because i put black fingernail polish on to help remind me and make it gross(er for the rest of you) to bite them. we'll see how long it will last.
d johnston

old friends

my friend Ari just IMed me out of the blue to ask how I am doing...that was wonderful of her. We looked over pictures of our friends David and Mary's wedding and talked about getting together finally after like 4 or 5 years of knowing each other but never meeting. Looks like we may all get together in LA some time, who knows when, but we'll see. If we actually have some resolve it could happen, but we've had our issues with that in regards to these people before. ; ) Anyhow, if we do it would be great to see David and Mary again and to finally meet Ari. She has been a variable friend, but always there, and I've probably cared more about her at some points than a lot of other people I've met in the flesh and blood. I opened this journal (oh so freakin' long ago) at a point when I wasn't so sure how she was going to make out, and now that she seems to be settled and alright I'm very happy for her. : )

i hadn't thought about it, but i really did meet quite a few of the people i chatted with back then. In order, Tonya(whom i still see, and have plans to go skiing/snowboarding with), Tanya, Pandem, John, Mary, David, and then, of WBS, but not of that bunch, Amanda(equality53000)...that's it I suppose. If there's someone I forgot, I'll think about it and get back on it. If you count IRC unrelated to seattle people, you can add rockstarbob. Yikes, if you go back even further, I met people from LWO(lake washington online) too...man i'm a big dork.

now, i must be off to the shower.