January 8th, 2003



vinyl glory.

I still need to get an amp...the computer really doesn't do a good enough job unless all i want to do is listen...recording is low volume, and if i do anything else with sound everything else is disproportionately loud.
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Not just a year in review

This poll is easy(although a bit long, i tend to change my look a lot). Vote for a score on each picture from various points in my college career. Scores can be based on whatever you like (hair style changes being one of the primary things i'm looking at)(1-5, 5 being the best), but if your reasoning is something odd leave a note in the provided space (or just if you want me to know why you like the picture/style). Keep in mind, I'm not necessarily going back to any of these, I just think it will be fun to look at a history and see where other people stand on the pictures.
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grandma ryan

holy crap

On Friday February 28th, The Tibet House will hold its annual benefit concert at Carnegie Hall.

Through this special BowieNet offer, The Hall’s best seats will be reserved for BowieNet Members***.


This year’s bill of artists is:

Philip Glass - Artistic director
Tsering Wangmo - Tibetan vocalist
Ray Davies - The Kinks
David Bowie
Laurie Anderson
Rufus Wainwright
Angelique Kidjo
Ziggy Marley

I really want to see Laurie Anderson if nothing else, but all of these? I am going to call about my plane tickets to NY right now.
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