January 7th, 2003

grandma ryan

I am just

so confused these days. I feel like life is happening to me a lot more than I'm happening to life. Everything just seems to be outside of my realm of influence, and the more important the thing that's going on, the less I feel I know about it.

I wish the world would just be honest with me.
Hurt me, just don't build me up,

Oh, the world.
So so confusing.
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grandma ryan

And the minah calls, "Attention! Here and now boys!"

This is the first thing I've written in a while that I'm fairly happy with...
although, at the same time, how can I be happy about the content? (not as far as what it contains analytically, but what it contains period. the conclusion is, after all, somewhat grim.)
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been up all night...hmm, i may want to sleep if i'm going out tonight. hmm...nah.

looking at the grammy noms:
Bowie, Gabriel, Springsteen up for best male rock. nice. I wish gabriel would win, but it probably won't happen, i hear springsteen probably will get it.

also, a local issaquah musical duo, Tingstad and Rumbel, got nominated for best new age album. i wouldn't say they're really new age, but then, i don't know where else to put them. they are fairly good though...i saw them live during hs and heard at least one quite good album a few years ago...can't remember the title though. anyhow, good luck to them.

also, john mayer got nominated for best new artist(i think that was the category he was in), and had a song in some category, "Your Body is a Wonderland" from Room for Squares. Good luck to him as well. : )
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