January 6th, 2003

grandma ryan

A survey course.

Read Island by Huxley at the Pub at the End of the Universe for an hour or two, ran into Skye as I was leaving, came back here, tried to get my kite but they finally changed the locks on Foster, so no kite flying. On my trip back here I ran into my friend Chris in the IRCs and ended up going to the place he's staying for a little while, and now I'm back here (my studio). I'm sure I'm not going to be tired for a while, so I've yet to figure out what exactly I'll do at this hour, but it very well may include a trip to the hotcake house and a shower, and I suppose I can try to read the rest of Island, but that will be a long night. Then, I think I have the time before I'll finally get to sleep. Waking up at 6:45pm can do that to one.
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I'm considering Dante's.

But, yes, I am in Portland right now.

Someone tell me I'd have a place to stay (I'd rather not admit I'm driving there and back another time in my broked-ass car to the rents.) and I will consider it even more.
The way things look I'd probably get there by 9:30...is that even worth it or is it going to be all no one there and shit because classes have started?
I could always come up for other tomfoolery anyhow.

But either way, I need just a little convincing.
grandma ryan

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It looks like i'm staying here...probably gonna go hang out at the axis of evil for a bit,
then tomorrow night it looks like i'm gonno go to Ohm with some people, for an electronic group called Dahlia that played in the SU at some point this year and I remember them being pretty good.

I may even [gasp] try to get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight...or at least keep pushing my schedule back into a semblance of normalcy...we'll see.

It would be good if I end up trying to get some temporary work doing random crap in the library over the rest of break.
d johnston


I want to play Airburst over the net but not only is no one on campus, so no local games, but no one is on the game server to play Airburst either. Don't any of you Mac geeks have this game and want to play? It's only $5 and Very worth it.
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grandma ryan

just as i complained

people showed up. but then it was too slow. i'll have to wait to try AB networked until people get back from break.

Update: On that note, I'm heading to the Axis.
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