January 3rd, 2003

grandma ryan

a day

to begin today i visited the redhook brewery with carebearc, where we drank a little, had a cool tour, as she noted, complete with a beer bottling video to porn music.
Afterwards, dropped her off at her apt, talked to Liz on the phone for a few minutes, and went then to see "Talk to Her", a Spanish film, at the Egyptian with quent and goldfischegirl. It was a bit strangely organized yet interestingly so. Quent and I had the same query at the end...which we weren't sure how to place. It seems possible that there was a hidden twist, but also I could buy the ending the way it plainly seemed to be.
After the film we went to Mama's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen, where I hadn't been before but had heard about and played a little Apocalyptic Things even though I convinced Matt to wait until we revealed the game to the outside world. Eh, it's not that complicated. I think we can feel safe unleashing a beast. We came up with some good haikus in the process anyhow, so I think it was worth it. ; ) Then, Nintendo at Ashley's. Everyone else had a Nintendo as a kid and Ashley and Quent both knew all the secrets for Mario 3, while I usually find it to drag since I don't and I'm not very good at it. Oh well...it was fun to watch them be huge dorks. ; D

When I left I gave my pie to a homeless guy. I hope he figured out a way to eat it without a fork, and that he didn't eat too much and explode from the peanut butter richness.

Being the third now, I must return to Portland. I am considering the possibility of returning to Seattle at some time in the future, and if so I will be sure to let you all know so if you care you can let me know.
grandma ryan


my dad's phone, ashley made me hot chocolate(thanks!), met evan and brad for lunch, bumped into ellen, amber and matthew, now stopping off to get the other phone which was offered to me for a short while while my car is still uncertain, and now i'm going off to portland. soon i will see the people in portland again. meena and reanne are currently on my "to-do" list. ; P
i should possibly call aaron at some point as well. anyone else i'm forgetting, or who should be added to my list?