December 29th, 2002

grandma ryan


"Claude Monet's 100 thousand franc winnings in the French lottery of 1891 allowed him to quit his job and try his hand at what he really liked-painting."


to all but my not so faithful steed--

no New Year's in San Francisco. New Year's in Portland.

What are the residents up to?
grandma ryan


now it looks like I'll be driving back tomorrow morning with a spare battery in tow to have our friend Ron do some more work on the car. Apparently now the battery is being overcharged, so I have to drive back using as much power as possible so the battery fluid doesn't boil over again. No hanging out though I suspect, unless I end up being stuck. Then I'd look forward to being kidnapped. I'm not sure where I will be New Years now. If anyone cares one way or another they should let me know.
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