September 30th, 2002

grandma ryan


Not to recount too many bad science fiction movies/stories/whatnot...
But why is there no question of human biological reaction to said possible microbial life on Mars? I can't say I think the only thing to consider is whether there is water, and supported life, but also what the consequences of introducing any possible Martian life forms to our ecosystem (no matter how safe we would be, it could happen) might be...or ours to theirs(Imagine the lack of egocentrism it'd take!).

It all sounds slightly uncalculated. Like any new discovery, I imagine "we" may end up being too excited to deal with it smartly.
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grandma ryan

: ) Surprise and satisfaction

From: Ethan Jackson
Date: Mon Sep 30, 2002 6:21:49 PM US/Pacific
To: holyloki
Subject: yr prop


Your proposal was approved by the department. There was some concern about the lack of specificity in your discussion of the aesthetic components of your pieces (i.e. what image will be resolved in the projections? What sounds?) and I share the concern. It may do to mention just one or two in a brief sentence in the appropriate spot.

Resources were suggested for your bibliography:

Wind, Sand and Stars by Saint-Exupery

Robert Irwin: Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees

Also Dan Reisberg of the Psych department is said to have some potential insights for the psychological aspects of your work, and you will probably want and need to get further into that than I can guide you by the time the writing is done-

So, absorb whatever you can of this into the document and sent the ecopy and the paper copy to Cathy D'Ambrosia by Wednesday AM.

Yr Man E
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