June 28th, 2002


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I don't even know what I can say any longer. I'm becoming tired, and preaching to the choir is not enjoyable.

Something needs to recapture the attention of this country, if it that any longer, and turn it back in a reason-based, wonder-attaining direction...or maybe we just need a new America, a New West. I'm not sure this Internet we've all retired to is really good enough.

Companies, and government, which is the large company that is theoretcially made up of us all, seem to be turning more and more into a gang war against those of us with any sort of different idea about howto run the world. Government has become more and more homogenous, companies have become more and more unreliable, and less concerned about the actual benefit and fair trade between them and their consumers, and consumers have been so slowly pushed back into this servitude that no one has even noticed! I'm really tired of trying to attain, and consume, and perpetuate. I don't know that I believe in the human race as a good creature any longer, and while in some sense I know that the brain is what we need to use to change that, the brain sure is doing a lot of shit to fuck things up for everyone these days. God damn greed and sloth. One time, while I was talking about the attrocious nature of the corralling conspiratorial world around us, Liz told me she wondered why I'm not just living out on a farm somewhere. Sometimes, I wonder myself, but I think I just keep getting sucked back in by hope...that motherfucker. When am I going to rope him in...?
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