June 8th, 2002

grandma ryan


A place to stay in NYC?
I was supposed to have a place to crash, but now I don't. If any of you are NYC residents or know someone who is, could you help me out by either emailing me at <a href="mailto:holyloki@liscentric.com>holyloki@liscentric.com</a> or pointing them to this posting? I'm coming in on monday morning and I think I'm kind of screw-ed...I mean, I'll find a motel or a hostel or something, but that'll be pretty expensive so I figured I'd try to find hospitality first. [crosses fingers] HELP!
grandma ryan

absurdity #001:

It's costing me just about the same to go by train from NYC to DC and then to Pittsburg as it would to go directly from NY to Pittsburg.

I'm not complaining, but it's still ridiculous.