January 22nd, 2002

grandma ryan

I think I've gotten myself into

some classes which will be extensive.

  • Sculpture II...all based on time commitment in order to get work done. It should be fun but also a lot of time.

  • Advanced Digital/Photo could be problematic based on how much photo I end up doing and how much digital. Digital won't take as long maybe but also I think I will want to be pretty extensive for this and it may become a huge issue as far as my computer's capabilities compared to what I could accomplish in the lab with the new dual G4s working on such huge files.

  • History and Theory of Photography looks like fun but also it looks like I will have to be pretty involved.

  • Fiction Studio II:Mentors should be a huge time issue. Writing one under 3 page story shouldn't be too bad. It's the 6-16 pagers I'm worried about with my limited fiction experience.

  • Hrm.....I suppose this will be fine.