January 3rd, 2002

grandma ryan

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i had a lot of fun tonight at the slam with brendan.
saw some good poetry, some not as good poetry, and forgot my poems, and that i had them in my pockets when i went up for the open mic. i'm considering getting my nerve up and trying the open slam next week. this week was unwittingly, but with a turn of good fortune, the semi-final slam. not only because there was some good speak, but because i didn't fuck up in a slam, only an open mic. got food beforehand with brendan, talked about words, went to sit and spin and pointed out some of the poet celebrities in attendance including sara(h?) zane and morris stegosaurus. the band was rock and i obsessed over what i could have done differently when i was up on stage...but what ever changes?
grandma ryan


Well, Rawr is finally eating again and I got some badass bits for my Dremel tool. diamond tip shit and this cutter that looks like it wants to kill someone. When I was trying to open the package it was in there rolling around making noises like it was trying to claw its way out to drill through my throat.