December 16th, 2001

grandma ryan


i got this old gv modem to work in X with the hlp of a USB-serial adapter...thank god...i would have cried if i couldn't get this thing connected over break..ok, maybe not cried, but it would have been a shame. now if only i could convince my dad he needs dsl...hmmm...


i'm back in town
if you love me you should call me (or email me)

a few things already on my palette

  • snowboarding monday? my uncle said i could borrow some of his hunting gear...snowboarding in full camo hunting gear...awww jeah

  • Dante's on monday night?

  • LOTR- on what day is it opening again? Fri?

  • Blackalicious on wed I believe.

i also have had requests regarding projects in particular pertaining to blackalicious...i am prepared here so let me know for those of you who still need assistance.
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