August 7th, 2001

grandma ryan

Directions to my place for the concert-

ùTake I-5 South.
ùAfter going into Portland take the Lake Oswego exit.
ùGet in the right hand lane to continue following the signs to Lake Oswego and to get onto Macdam boulevard.
ùTake a merging right onto Macadam
ùGo down Macadam until you see signs splitting into the Sellwood Bridge and Lake Oswego, take the Sellwood Bridge.
ùTake a right on 17th Ave.
ùTake a left on Harney and follow it all the way until yu hit a dead end. My house is on the left and I live in the bungalow across the stream out back.

Call if you have any problems- 503-233-7918
grandma ryan

oh right, wow.

Dawn's post about dreams being real reminded me about how real of a dream I had last night...well, in a way. It was the first dream I've had in a long time if ever where I've felt able to control what I was doing. It was very active. I knew I was dreaming and was able to play with the impossibilities I was creating. I don't remember all the details but some were: a large campus like area, driving around with Kim and dumping a body because she found it but somehow had gotten stuck with it and didn't want to get in trouble for it, doorways that closed with flexible mirrors behind, and at one point I actually decided I didn't want to be stuck and pushed it out of the way, with some trouble but not very much. There was some kind of evil happening and I was very lucky to have escaped, and somehow I was fighting it off. There was a house where I was stuck with it, where the mirrors were and there was some kind of store I was in that was connected and it was large and I think...hrm...i cn't remember anything else right now, but I will post an update if I remember more.
grandma ryan


well, apparently i'm not going to pick up jeremy, because he has class and left a message earlier...meena and i are now considering the 9:00 show.
grandma ryan


I think one of the moles on my back has become cancerous. : / bleeding, swollen internally and painful. I'm gonna pull out some new teeth as a consolation prize.