August 1st, 2001

grandma ryan

A walk

Maybe after a long night of working on my website I should take another late night/early morning walk walk. I will decide in the next few minutes.
grandma ryan


Excellent. I have made more contact with Ethan Jackson and he said he'll be back in town around August 15th, so I should be able to start checking things out and helping to develop a media lab then. Also, heard he will be teaching a class...hopefully I will be able to get into it since everybody and their mother will want to take it, although most people probably haven't planned for it. Hopefully drawing will be a requirement to weed out some freshmen, but maybe not. [crosses fingers]
grandma ryan

(no subject)

hmm...still awake. i am debating sleeping, but not too sure i will. i really want to get my website done before i go to seattle.
grandma ryan

Um, so...

I slept from around 11 or something til 7:30...
At least I got a shower in before i fell asleep. Last night was quite productive, and I think I could get my website done if I work hard enough tonight. [crosses fingers]