July 31st, 2001

grandma ryan

ohhhh...you suck : /

pyrramuse (1:40 PM): word, you're still asleep and i'm about to go to work.
holyloki (1:40 PM): sleepsleep
pyrramuse (1:41 PM): i got tickets back though. aug 23rd, i get to portland at 10:54 aaaaayem.
pyrramuse (1:41 PM): try to be awake then?

: P
grandma ryan


I had a friend tell me that someone I don't know was talking about my art showing last night to her. Um, whoa. So this means I actually need to do this before my summer is over. Or else.

The problem now is where to do it. This house probably isn't a good place for a party of the type I'd like to throw, and I'm not sure Reed would be too happy with a bunch of students having a party there during the summer. They have other events going on I would need to clear with first. But maybe that would be a better option, or maybe I can find another place to have it.