July 30th, 2001

d johnston

Daniel Johnston and other Bumbershoot pleasures/things of notice

Daniel Johnston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, every time I get really into someone they show up at Bumbershoot just afterwards! Sometimes they cancel though. : / [crosses fingers]

whoa-Lisa Steinman...hah. i will go see her if i can. hah, teachar!

ooh...this should be good...Bahamadia :the epitome, of MCs : )

YES! David Cross!

ROCK : ) Rev. Horton Heat is fun. Reliving this will be great.

Five Fingers of Funk have played at Reed, I hear they're good.

Rock again! Jeffrey McDaniel is amazing, you guys should check him out.

Another can't wait for event. Rollins band returns from the dead. This should be cool. :)

Hana was good a couple years ago, I think I'll try to check this out too...(btw, I'm not loking at times when referring these, I may be referring things that coexist...but I hope not)

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grandma ryan

I fell asleep

after I talked on the phone with her. I was so tired too, but not enough to sleep all night apparently. Can I repeat myself and say, "Liz is so great."?

I had a halfway bad dream, but I think it was mostly about me being oversensitive. : / Then again, maybe not. [sigh] It was just as frightening, but then I tried to return to sleep and did so successfully, at least that time I did.
grandma ryan

After my last post...

I took a longish walk to the grocery store. It took about an hour and a bit, and it was a nice ealry morning, and I got to have some nice quiet time to consider society, telephone poles and the Starbucks habits of Portland policemen. I ended up just getting milk as I had planed and an orange, which I ate right after leaving the store. I hadn't had an orange in a while and it was delicious. Sometimes it's nice to forget things and be surprised by them again. Knowing fully well that I like oranges, and not having had one, biting into an orange this morning was crisp and amazing. This world offers us so many good things, why do we pass them up so often?