July 18th, 2001

grandma ryan

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damnit...my fakk 2 saves are corrupted or stuffit fucked up when stuffing the files...grrr...i am NOT playing over again from the beginning. : /
grandma ryan

ape music

hehe, this should be interesting:

Having already tried his hand at shocking the monkey, Peter Gabriel is moving on to a primate-related experiment that oughta upset a lot fewer animal-rights activists. The one-time Genesis frontman is trying to teach a pack of bonobo apes how to play keyboards -- with the resulting sounds being collected for possible release on his Real World label. Gabriel has been spending time at a Georgia research center working with the simians, who are said to comprehend nearly 4,000 words of the English language (ranking them well above the median for pop musicians). Yeah, it sounds like a cool idea, but we don't see what all the fuss is about . . . after all, somebody at Interscope obviously had the thought of teaching an ape to sing years ago. Too bad they couldn't convince the beast not to sing about breaking stuff . . .

-Rolling Stone