July 17th, 2001

grandma ryan

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a few things:
1)I ordered American McGee's Alice earlier

2)thare is bad poetry, "relationship vision statements" about sex and email adresses on this performa. I am so tempted to email him and the other email addys on the list with it all. hah!

3)I love my school and miss it.

4)I am tired and apparently on eastcoast time, where it would be 4 in the morning and it feels like that to me.
grandma ryan

Website goodness

I successfully made a style in about 45min to an hour tonight and embedded it in my new website. Hoorah!

Also, some stranger who works doing art critique of some sort at some college in Detroit found my website and complemented me on my work, and said she is going to show it to some other people, whatever that means. That might turn into something good, who knows. :)

Also, Daniel, my housemate Dana's bf returned to Portland and will be joining us in the house, and it appears Martha has also returned, whereas Kurt is gone for a little while I think. Musical rooms.

Also, now Liz is home, and I get to talk to her. : )