June 8th, 2001

grandma ryan


Came home from working at phonathon and reunions today.
Talked to Dana for a few minutes as she has just returned from Maine.
Talked to Liz on AIM. : )
Downloaded Snood again. uhhhh....hrm.
Attempted to install new brakes on my bike.
Biked to the 24 Hr Steak and Hotcake House, but since you hate the northwest, I'm sure you didn't care.
Came home, checked my email. I love you too. :) Thank you.
Checked the net for stragglers.
Going to bed.

I realized as I was headed to the Hotcake House that I missed an open mic our poetry teacher notified us of. Argh...but i tried to write at the hotcake house, so maybe that was good. We'll see..it's been a long time...I think I need to retrain myself... : /

Get Rawr crickets.
Go to Nordstrom.
Work- Reunions.
Come home, talk to Liz, go to sleep.
grandma ryan

crazy shopping spree

I just kept telling myself, "You can't get everything at thrift stores."

I bought stuff...
  1. An automatic drinking water dispenser for Rawr(so I don't have to worry about it as much when he poos in his wading water), and crickets. I think I should start breeding them maybe.
  2. New Birkenstocks, a good investment though...and on sale! $65 for regularly $95 shoes.
  3. A pair of boxers from Eddie Bauer...they suckered me into getting an Eddie Bauer credit card...I rarely shop there, but they gave me $5 off already sale items...how could I resist? I'll most likely just cancel it later...but maybe not...we'll see what kind of deals I get for having it. No annual fee, so I'm not worried. They gave me a horrendous amount of credit. $2300. What the Hell am I going to do with $2300 in credit? Not spend it hopefully(Because I'm such a shopping animal). : P

Now I've got to prepare for work- 8 hours taking pictures...oh my. I'll try to keep in touch...any time I have to download the pics from my camera I'll be on AIM I think. Plus, I can basically take breaks when I want to. Heh.