June 3rd, 2001

grandma ryan

Diary of a dollar bike

Hey look what I bought for a dollar!
: )

I already love my bike...it needs a couple things...some kind of seat cushion, and new brake pads[like I mentioned] but It rocks...the rear wheel scrapes the wheel mounts a bit, but that's not too bad. I've already ridden it all over today and it's great to finally have a bike again. (The last bike I had I got a bit before I came down here freshman year and it was stolen within a month. : / )

I rode down 17th and Milwaukee to the Hotcake House, but it was way busy, so I came back...I think I will make the dollar worth it in no time at this rate...hehe... : )
I also went to Plaid Pantry and QFC. The guy who checked me at QFC confirmed my suspicion, that there is no helmet law in Oregon for anyone over 12, even when riding on the road. At least, that's what I've heard from him and others...it may be wrong, but that's what I'm going on. ; )
More bike stories to come, for sure!
I think I am going to get a lot of exercise with this thing...so much better than driving my car everywhere.
grandma ryan

New Photo Galleries

Count 'em.
FOUR new photo galleries are ready. The first three are uploaded. The last one is about to be, but it won't be linked. You can't see it unless you ask[email or AIM]. And those pictures aren't to be linked or copied anywhere. Those are of Renn Fayre. Not that it's all that top secret or that anyone is watching me(or that the pictures are really at all shocking), but Renn Fayre is on the DL, and the pictures could be incriminating to individuals or the college. [shrug] I just want to be careful.

So there you have it...the pictures you've been asking about are up. Have fun, and let me know if you want to see the Renn Fayre pics. : )
grandma ryan

(no subject)

pyrramuse (9:45 PM): i'm not really going to leave you for david bowie
holyloki (9:46 PM): :D
holyloki (9:46 PM): thta's nice of you
holyloki (9:46 PM): are you doing it to be nice to me or because you love me more than david bowie
pyrramuse (9:46 PM): i don't know..what do you think?
holyloki (9:47 PM): If Bowie asked me to marry him I'd say, "David, I really really like you, but I wouldn't want to hurt you...can we just be friends?"
holyloki (9:47 PM): I don't know, you tell me
pyrramuse (9:47 PM): you wouldnt leave me for David Bowie?
holyloki (9:47 PM): [shakes]
pyrramuse (9:48 PM): you wouldn't even be tempted?
holyloki (9:48 PM): well....maybe.
holyloki (9:48 PM): ;)
holyloki (9:48 PM): it IS David Bowie...
holyloki (9:49 PM): I mean, we'd get to the point where he'd ask me to marry him, but I'd never let it get serious, he'd just get that desperate
pyrramuse (9:49 PM): oh.
holyloki (9:50 PM): Because, really, I mean, even you said so...I'm hot y'know?
holyloki (9:50 PM): David Bowie can't resist me