May 20th, 2001

grandma ryan

ok, ok

so i haven't posted in a bit, and i'm delayed by the fact that my modem won't work in OS X. BAH.
SOOOO...I am uninstalling X, and I have to initialize my disk to do so...major backup in order. Then I will be able to use all my peripherals though, which will be nice. and hooray for function.

...anyhow, I took the LJ purity test:
You answered "yes" to 57 of 100 questions, making you 43.0% lj pure (57.0% lj
corrupt); that is, you are 43.0% pure in the lj domain (you have 57.0% LiveJournal
Freak in you).

Liz iz going home(to NH) tomorrow. I won't see her for at least three months. Big humongous large extravagant hugs will be in order.
: (

6 months

Oh right...I forgot to mention, in case anyone cares...yesterday, today for me[the 18th, saturday], was Liz and I's 6 month anniversary. She is leaving tomorrow. We worked it so she could stay just long enough...but not long enough. Must not obsess though. I have to remember I have more than a lot of people, and am far happier with my lot than most everyone.
Boy have I grown/changed a lot in the past few years.
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grandma ryan

phon-a-thon is my bitch

I won it all tonight. Yes, yes I did.
Count it:
One mini etch-a-sketch
One egg of silly putty
One lottery ticket[which lost]
I had 4 certain pledges and 3 non-specified pledges. It doesn't sound so hot, but when you consider we were calling all the bitch-asses who have avoided helping out at all for basically forever, well...I rocked. I made $140+ for all depends on those non-specifieds...

OH, and YOU...where are you? Home I hope...I was going to call you to practice my phon-a-thon skilz, but I forgot your number at my house and I couldn't find a directory anywhere... : /

Well, off from the IRCs...homeward, homeward.
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